MR. Yoav Simantov 
(Of Blessed Memory)
YST's Founder 

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Company Profile

Yoav Simantov Electronic (YST) a private owned company acts as a representative and distributor of electronic components and accessories for the electronic industry.

YST Electronic was established in 1965 by Mr. Yoav Simantov in Tel-Aviv as the first store for radio and TV spare parts. With the development of the electronic industry in Israel Yoav Simantov became one of the biggest distributors to the electronic industry.

In 1997 YST has opened its new branch near to Tel-Aviv in the High-Tech industrial zone of Petach-Tikva. This branch is located within a short distance from most of the electronic industry in Israel. Its warehouse and offices occupy 1300 square meters with 25,000 different parts on the shelves.

Yoav Simantovs' two branches enable it to give its customers the best services. The branch in Tel-Aviv is mainly working with small quantities private customers and Start-Up companies whereas the Head Office in Petach-Tikva deals with industrial quantities of major electronic industrial manufactures.

Yoav Simantov activities aim at wide range of customers from a variety of manufactures and High-Tech companies in Israel. Having a few complimentary lines in different areas gives YST the strength to give both full solutions for engineering in the design stage and support to the buyers in the final stage. In order to achieve this YST is supplying data sheets, samples and engineering support if needed. In addition, Yoav Simantov has a 700 square meter warehouse which include a large stock of varies items and devices to ensure fast response, high quality service and quick delivery to its customers.

Above all YST electronic participates in shows and regularly publish in the local electronic magazines. Our mission is to assist the customers in finding the best solutions to their changing needs. Furthermore, YST electronic invest most of its effort in locating new customers supporting them and maintaining the best service to old customers all the way from the designing to the production stage.

YST has an excellent staff of more than 20 employees in all the different positions such as outside and inside sales engineers which most of them have more then 5 years experience in the field, customer service and other varies positions which allow YST to give the best service to its customers.

In conclusion, the combination of a professional and efficient service, engineering support, a large stock and close relation with both the customers and the suppliers allow YST dominance in the Israeli electronic components market.

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