Passive Products

Protective Devices:

bullet Fuses
bullet NTC Thermistors
bullet PTC Thermistors
bullet Zinc Oxide Varistors
bullet CPTC Thermistors
bullet PPTC Thermistors Gas Discharge Tube
bullet ESD Protectors


bullet Electrolytic Capacitors
bullet Large Capacitors with Screw Terminals
bullet Snap-in Capacitors
bullet Photo-Flash Capacitors
bullet Low ESR (Polymer)
bullet Standard Type
bullet Miniature Type
bullet Low I.M.P Type
bullet Snap-in Type
bullet Polyester capacitors
bullet Polypropylene capacitors
bullet Single & Double Metalized capacitors
bullet X1 capacitors
bullet X2 capacitors
bullet Y2 capacitors
bullet MLCC Ceramic capacitors


Resistors :

bullet High Voltage Resistor
bullet Power Resistors
bullet Ultra Precision Resistors
bullet General Resistors
bullet Trimmers
bullet Potentiometers
bullet Open Wound Power resistors
bullet Aluminum Housed Power Wirewound Resistors (HS)
bullet Wirewound Resistors
bullet Thick Film High Voltage Pulse Resistors

Connectors and Terminal

bullet High Current Terminal
bullet Terminal Block Modular, Single mold, Multi Level
bullet Pluggable w/without Flange
bullet Header Open Ends, Close ends, With flanges
bullet D-sub standard and high density connectors
bullet Headers and Sockets 0.8 mm, 1mm, 1.27mm, 2mm, 2.54mm
bullet USB, ieee1394, DIN, MIMI,DIN, RJ45, V.35, DVI
bullet Socket for DIP, PLCC and PGA IC. Edge card, SIMM and DIMM
bullet Memory card sockets: SIMM, SD, MMC, MS, XD and CF
bullet FPC connectors, ZIF and non ZIF, up/bottom contacts
bullet Backplanes : FUTURE Bus and Hard Metric 2mm


bullet Toggle Switches
bullet Rocker Switches
bullet Slide Switches
bullet Pushbutton Switches
bullet Power Switches
bullet Pushbutton switches indicators
bullet SMD Switches with dust and moisture proof
bullet Sensors Switches
bullet Dip Switch SMD, Half pitch, Box Slide, Piano Type

Filters and Crystals:

bullet SAW Components
bullet Ceramic Resonators
bullet Ceramic Frequency Devices
bullet Quartz and Piezo ceramic Crystal
bullet Clock Oscillators
bullet Ceramic Filters

Acoustic Devices:

bullet Piezo Buzzer
bullet Magnetic Buzzer
bullet Micro Speaker
bullet Dynamic Receiver
bullet Microphone

Coils and Inductors:

bullet RF Inductor SMD Power Inductors
bullet Inductors T.H
bullet SMD Coil

LED's and Displays :

bullet Standard Led
bullet Ultra bright Led
bullet Ultra Flux Led
bullet Lamp holders
bullet SMT Led
bullet Led Display
bullet IR Led/receiver
bullet TFT displays
bullet Graphic displays
bullet Custom displays


bullet Heat Shrinkable Tubing 1/2
bullet Heat Shrinkable Tubing 2/3
bullet Glue Shrinkable Tubing
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